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Lagrimas De Oro

Shining Ancient Moon

Shining Ancient Moon

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Larimar On Clear Round Adornment 

*nickel free earring hook*

Length Of Earring Including Hook: 2 Inches 

Larimar Healing

Larimar is deeply nurturing, radiating love as it restores your strength especially after spiritual work, harmonizing body and soul to new vibrations. Larimar releases self sabotaging behaviors, self imposed bonds, inappropriate burdens, and removes attached entities. Awakening inner wisdom and the ability to manifest, when moving through periods of stress and change, it enables challenges to be met with equanimity. Larimar draws a soulmate to you, healing relationship karma or heart trauma. It reconnects joyful childlike energy. Stimulating creativity and encouraging "going with the flow" Larimar brings calmness. This Stone connects to the energy of the earth goddess. 


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"Lagrimas De Oro Is Energy Adornment Helping People Connect To Themselves Through Spirituality & Self Expression"

Katrina, Creator