About Me

Hola, I’m Katrina the mujer behind Lagrimas De Oro Jewelry. I was born and still currently am living in East Los Angeles. Lagrimas De Oro is saying

“I’m not feeling my best but I know this a part of my process”

There is a lot of stigma on Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional Health and I’m here to open up the Conversation.

I struggled / struggle with depression, anxiety, and Mania through my daily life along with the shame they come with.

Thank the Universe I found healing through crystals and stones. I also found therapy in the art of wire wrapping turning my hands into portals to create and pass on the gifts the earth has provided us with.

Jewelry has the ability to make us trans formative and express ourselves and that shit is important and magical within itself.

Being able to put on your piece and say “Damn, I’m Beautiful! No matter How Shitty I Feel, Cause Everything Gets Outgrown”

We Are So Complex! And that is full of light just as it is dark.

I have good news and bad news…

Bad news is nothing lasts forever

Good news is nothing lasts forever

Thank you For Letting Me Be A Part Of Your Journey With Uniquely Hand Made Pieces.