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Lagrimas De Oro

Self Love Is The Best Love Heart Shaped Altar Piece

Self Love Is The Best Love Heart Shaped Altar Piece

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Self Love Is The Best Love & How Best To Enhance This Self Love Journey? Well You Put A Spell On Yourself & Do That Inner Work.

This Spall Jar Is Infused With The Intention To Enhance & Create A Energetic Bond With Yourself.

This Spell Jar Says " How Can I Love & Accept Myself Today" 

6oz Altar Piece  

Inside This Jar:

Himalayan Pink Salt: Best For Love While Removing Curses From Old Relationships. Blocks Spells That Have Been Put On You. Salt Is Used As A Cleanser From Negative Energy.

Sugar: I Know I Know This One Is Probably The Most Obvious One But Sugar In Your Spell Jar Is Here To Sweeten The Relationship You Have With Yourself. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Is The Perfect Ingredient  To Create A Kind Love Language With Yourself.

Rose Pedals: In Your Spell Jar Are There To Emotional Uplift You. Rose Energy Is Associated To Love & Forgiveness. Rose Is In Your Spell Jar Is To Give You The Emotional Energy To Forgive Yourself & Let Love Flow In. When You Smell A Rose Doesn't It Give You The Warmest Feeling Inside? Go Ahead & Bloom Its Okay. 

Lavender: Oh Sweet Lavender! The Energetic Properties To Lavender Is Definitely  Calming & Soothing Ones. Chill Its Okay Not Everyone's Self Love Journey Looks The Same Even If Instagram Tells You Differently. Lavender Is Added Into Your Spell Jar To Bring In Your Centered Thoughts & Keep Them Protected From Anxiety.

Rosemary:  This One Is My Personal Favorite. Rosemary Brings In Clarity & What Comes After Clarity? Confidence! Yes Rosemary Calls In Confidence & Purification. Need I Say More? 

Oranges: Close Your Eyes.. What Do Oranges Make You Feel When You Smell Them? The Smell Of Citrus Is Here to Bring In Joy. Energetically Oranges Are Connected To Beauty & Sensuality. & How Can You Love Yourself Without Feeling The Beautiful Divine Human You Are.

Outside On The Lid Of The Jar:

Rose Quartz Healing:

  • Unconditional Love
  • Heart Healing
  • Gentle Energies
  • Friendship
  • Self Love
  • Aids In Decreasing Anxiety 

This Jar Is Sealed With White Wax, Because The Intentions Are All There & All You Have To Do Is Connect To The Divine Energy You Are.

With So Much Love I Created Self Love Is The Best Love Spell Jar Keep It In A Sacred Space In Your Home Or Take It With You On The Go.

XoXo Lagrimas De Oro 


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"Lagrimas De Oro Is Energy Adornment Helping People Connect To Themselves Through Spirituality & Self Expression"

Katrina, Creator